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Respite care AM/PM/Overnight

The Challenge

  • You care for your spouse at home but want to travel for a couple of days or longer OR
  • Your loved one receives funded respite care at residential care facility but more is required OR
  • You are taking an overseas holiday but want good soul to keep an eye on your loved one OR
  • Your live-in carer is taking a holiday and you require alternate cover

Respite Care Video Intro

How Can We Assist?

  • Support you with a Companion who will stay overnight
  • Assist you by making a Companion available for part of the day or overnight
  • Your Companion will be only too happy to function as an extended member of your household or a trusted friend. Your Companion will do as much or as little as you require. Companions can accompany you to outpatient appointments, take you around to see friends or run errands on your behalf.

We wanted to let you know that mum has improved so much that we no longer need to monitor her, she can now take herself to the toilet overnight. We also wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you to you and your team of carers who helped us through these emotionally tough last few months.

Next Steps

  • Contact us for a preliminary chat and register your care request
  • Your service delivery manager will coordinate with you a time to meet and complete a short term companionship / personal care / household management care plans
  • Your Companion is assigned and visitation commences with a focus on fitting in with your lifestyle and interests

Additional Information

  • No referral is necessary when engaging The Good Companion
  • Typical referrals for this service for this service are made by GPs & Community based Social Workers
  • We work alongside DHB funded agencies
  • Engage The Good Companion to deliver as much or as little as you require
  • Services can stop / re-started at any point in time as you require
Success Stories

"Just got home from visiting Mum. She seems very happy with Sarah, who has managed to win her over by taking an interest in her garden. If there's one thing Mum loves it's tending to her plants, so Sarah is definitely a winner there.

I know Mum is also very comfortable with Ruth now and actually looks forward to her coming over for the afternoon shift.

One new issue Mum seems to be having is incontinence and not understanding that hygiene is important. I leave all my trust with the girls knowing how best to deal with it and will be guided by their instructions and ideas going forward as this is all new to me.

I love that they are also leaving me notes to update me with the events of the day. It goes a long way to settle some of my anxieties and assuring me that she is well taken care of whilst I am at work.

So far so good! I believe you have made the right choice for my mother and could not be happier with the outcome.

Your patience with me also has been exemplary and to be commended

Thank you for making the transition feel quite effortless!"

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