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We provide specialist Home Care, Live In, aged care at home, live in, respite and companionship for the elderly, disabled and convalescing
We provide specialist Home Care, Live In, aged care at home, live in, respite and companionship for the elderly, disabled and convalescing


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The Challenge

Discharge from hospital can be planned or advised at short notice ahead of a weekend. Hospitals are keen to fast track discharge for various reasons. Returning to your home without additional support is less than ideal at a time when you want to recuperate and regain your independence.

Finding suitable in-home care quickly after a hospital stay can be challenging, as a prompt transition is often necessary.

Identifying caregivers with expertise in post-hospital care, including wound care, medication management, physical therapy, or other specialized needs.

Coordinating with healthcare providers to ensure a smooth transition and continuity of care between the hospital and in-home setting.

Navigating insurance / funding coverage and managing the financial implications of in-home care services, which may not be fully covered.

Dealing with the emotional strain of ensuring the well-being and recovery of a loved one while entrusting their care to others.

How Can We Assist?

Prompt response: The Good Companion understands the time-sensitive nature of post-hospital care and can provide a quick response to facilitate a smooth transition.

Specialized caregivers: The organization has caregivers with expertise in post-hospital care, ensuring they can meet specific requirements such as wound care, medication management, and rehabilitation.

Care professional network: The Good Companion has a network of qualified and experienced caregivers, increasing the chances of finding available professionals.

Collaboration with healthcare professionals: The Good Companion can coordinate with healthcare providers to ensure a seamless transfer of care and effective communication.

Insurance navigation: The organization can help navigate insurance coverage and provide transparent information about the cost of in-home care services.

Emotional support: The Good Companion offers emotional support to both the patient and their family, acknowledging the challenges and providing reassurance during this transitional period.

Next Steps

Contact us for a preliminary chat and register your care request

Your service delivery manager will coordinate with you a time to meet either pre or post discharge and complete a short term companionship / personal care / household
management care plan

Your Care Companion is assigned and visitation commences with a focus on a restorative model aimed at assisting you to in regaining your independence.

Seniors care

Additional Information

Range of services: The Good Companion offers a wide range of in-home care services, including assistance with daily activities, medication management, companionship, and specialized care for conditions like Dementia or Parkinson's.

Supporting long distance families: The Good Companion offers interstate / overseas families a client communication portal. Subject to the client approval, designated family members can access visitation progress reports and staffing rosters. The portal facilitates a secure 2 way communication channel.

Flexible pricing options: The Good Companion offers various pricing options, accommodating different budgets and working with families to find a suitable arrangement.

Flexible scheduling: The organization provides flexible scheduling options, allowing families to choose the hours and frequency of care that best suit their needs during the day, overnight or 24/7 live-in.

Regular communication: The Good Companion maintains regular communication with families to ensure ongoing satisfaction and address any concerns or changes in care requirements.

Client-centered approach: The organization focuses on individualized care, tailoring services to the unique preferences and goals of each client.

Continuity of care: The Good Companion strives to maintain consistency in caregivers, promoting a familiar and trusting relationship between the caregiver and your loved one.

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to make a difference.

A friendly, skilled and consistent Support worker in the comfort of your own space

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